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French Braid Headband (plus my secret for a secure bun!)

Hey everybody,

Thanks so much to all of you, we've reached 30,000+ pageviews!  Here are some pictures of my look a few days ago.  I went with a simple French braided headband and a double rose bun.

Someone commented on a post to ask how I keep my buns secure, so my hair doesn't come down during the day.  My secret is to put my hair into a ponytail first, and then make a bun.  That way, when I hold my bun in place with hairclips, the clips can anchor to the ponytail.  This is what keeps my hair up and in place all day.  The only time I make a bun without putting my hair into a ponytail first is when I French or Dutch braid my hair.  In those cases, the clips holding my bun in place are anchored to the actual braid (or braids).

Anyway, here are pictures of my headband and double rose bun.  I made the French braid headband first, then put my hair into a low ponytail.  I braided my ponytail into two rope braids and wrapped them up into a bun, one braid around the other one so that the bun looked really big.


Thanks for looking!  Have a beautiful day!

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