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Fancy Braided Bun

Hey everybody,

I tried to do a version of a pretty circle braid updo that I saw on the internet~ it turned out a little lop-sided, but it's hard to braid 360* around one's own head lol

Here are links to the two Lilith Moon videos you can combine to create this hairstyle~ Lilith posted this idea on her Facebook page with a few pictures of her own.  First video on circle lace braid updo~ and the next  video on a circle French braid.

(When I fixed my hair today, I did the center circle French braid first, then the outer lace braid.  I poked the ends of my braids up under the bun, so that's actually all my hair and not a sock.)

For lack of a better name (or the imagination to think one up!), I just called this my fancy braided bun.  If you have a better name for this hairstyle feel free to comment below.  As always, thanks for looking!

Wimsey :-)

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