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Fancy Braided Bun

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good week-end!  Once again I tried out the fancy braided bun that Lilith Moon and WomensBeauty1 have both featured in YouTube videos.  You basically make three circle parts, one inside the other.  The hair in the innermost center circle is put into a ponytail.  Then you make a circle French braid with that hair and the hair from the middle circle part.  The outer circle part is braided into a wrap-around lace braid.  At least, this is the basic idea...I made a few changes to suit my super long hair, and came up with a look I like very much.  All my friends loved it, too :-)  I took my hair down in the evening and explained the steps to this hairstyle, backwards.

Thank you for coming by to view my pictures!

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