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Half-way Hairstyle (half French braid, half side bun)

Hi friends,

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers after the storm.  The work to clean and recover continues on, thanks to many helping hands <3
     I managed to fix my hair in a favorite hairstyle today, trying to match the feel of my new striped shirt.  I have a weakness for stripes, if you haven't noticed :-)  Thank you for coming by to see my pictures!  These were taken late in the afternoon, so I was a little bit tousled by then, haha.
     On another note, several friends have asked when I will upload a new hair video.  It may be a little while yet, as I am very busy right now.  But I was excited to find out that my Youtube channel now has 600 subscribers!  Thank you so much, my friends!  Several of my videos are very close to reaching the next 'thousand' mark, so if you have time maybe you can visit and give me a few views :-)


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